dimanche 27 mai 2007

Joins us for a tour of the worrld'sbiggest underground mine

For more than a century KKAB has mined ore in Kiruna. It started as an opene-pit mine, and by the 1960s, underground mining was underway. Nowadays, upgrading of the ore to c customer-spécific iron or products is an equally importaqant part of the operation. From the ore of the Kiruna mine, 20 million tonnes of the highest quality iron ore produced annually. LKAB now employs more yhan 3.000 people.

We travel by bus right down into the moutain and trought the mine. 775 to 1045 mètres below surface level.Its dark, but not cold. The mine has in inddor climat.

LKAB info mine is half a LKAB info mine is half a kilometre under groung.

There is a café in the vision'mine.
kilometre under groung.

meet us there and show us around the huge rock galleries.This an authentic mining envirronement, where exhibits, films, slide shows and multimedia presentations explain the fascinating world of mining and iron and steelmaking.

2 commentaires:

hpy a dit…

Je prefère malgré tout rester en surface...

lyliane a dit…

Mais c'est très grand et bien aéré, c'est moins traumatisant que les catacombes que j'ai visitées à Rome!!!