mercredi 4 juillet 2007


I leave Normandy for a few days of holidays, I do not believe to find the sun in Germany in the house of my sister close to Cologne, from where I take off to visit Berlin.
I will continue to read you.
Has soon.

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Abraham Lincoln a dit…

That is one smart cow. To lay in the shade of the umbrella shows it has more brains than some people who stay out in the sun too long and end up with skin cancer.

I really like this photograph. It could be used in so many different ways in advertising.

Abraham Lincoln
the robins
the Japanese Beetles

circumstance a dit…

haha.. :D
very2 hot day i guess.. even cow
has to use umbrella..

Peter a dit…

Excellent photo!!! (I guess you took it last year, when there was a bit of sun around?)

Nice holidays!!!

lyliane a dit…

Abraham and circumstance:
The cows in Normandy do not like the sun and are very careful and have good ideas!!.
Peter:It was in the meadow, of the farm of Elise(not mom), when there was the heat wave, it lost a pregnant cow, because there is no tree in its field, now it built a hangar. Come to make a turn of the village soon.

Rita a dit…

Hah hah, very smart! That way the milk is cold :)

hpy a dit…

N'oublie pas ton parapluie! Bon voyage et à bientôt en Normandie.

Ele ^_^ a dit…

Have a nice holyday! ^^

Bergson a dit…

a chart posts of Normandy

In more it is funny

hpy a dit…

Un défi pour toi sur mon blog le 6.7. Tu peux répondre en français à ton retour.

Cergie a dit…

Quelle chance d'aller à Berlin !
Surtout "chez l'habitant"
J'y suis allée plusieurs fois car ma fille y a habité deux ans pour terminer ses études
Cette après midi, je complotais avec ma voisine, nous aimerions y aller entre nanas

Allez, profite, Lyliane !

freelancer a dit…

Je trouve cette photo vraiment excellente ! Félicitation !

GMG a dit…

It looks like one of the CowParade... Have a nice holiday!